Wankers Beware….

So something I feel should be addressed (but never see blogged about) is The Black List.

The Black List is real- it is a comprehensive list of aliases, real names, email address, IP addresses, phone numbers and so-called preferences of gentlemen who seem to either not realize they are time wasters, or get off on wasting a Domme’s time and appointments. It’s shared by not only our select group but  a wide range of Dommes across the country, mostly by traveling or local Dommes in a particular city’s scene. We DO talk, and we DO keep track of clients who no call/no show, cancel last minute or send long winded, frantic emails designed to solicit a response for a free “get-off.” Also listed are clients who started out as normal subs but get overly attached, go beyond bounds or become dangerous in their obsessions with their Mistresses.

The BDSM community on the whole looks out for each other, but especially our very own Philly Sister Dommes. Be forewarned that if you contact a Domme and claim to have seen us, we will have a record of it and will be able to verify. Likewise if we are seeing someone new, a reference and a deposit may be demanded to make sure that you are sincere. If you provide a false reference you will be ignored outright. There are those out there that are too cheap to put out for a real session, and therefore try to get their rocks off by pretending to be sincere, or are just too stupid to realize that a session is blocked off for you and you alone, and if you don’t call to confirm it’s not considered booked, or if you cancel last minute, that you are now on the shit list of that Domina.

Most of us have a good bullshit meter and also are willing to allow for the real situations that come up- hey, we all know that work and emergencies do happen- but we each have a limit. Cross it, and never get a real session in the city of your choice again. If you truly offend you will be posted to the public Black List websites, where your name, phone number, email and any other relevant info will be made public for easy search engine inquiries- which is VERY unfavorable as most of us Google names and phone numbers these days… The internet is a wonderful, terrible thing. Not the sort of website most people would like to find their personal info on and easily found via search engine, no?

Time Wasters also waste money; for a lot of us, this is our career. We are good at it for a reason, and our discretion and ability to fulfill your kink is the reason for the tribute. Perhaps they don’t know that they also are wasting time for a sub who could have served their Mistress and had their needs met until the desire strikes again, as if is often wont to do.

In short- make sure you use some common sense when booking with a Dominatrix. If you don’t know that you can keep your appointment, or if you are easily confused by email, then don’t schedule one. Not only are you being disrespectful to your Mistress, but you are hogging the space of a sub that actually needs the relief a session can bring. Wasting our time is also wasting a fellow slave’s, and being rude gets your nowhere….

Kinky Thoughts,

The Philly Dominas


Whip It… Whip It Good…

I am often reminded, now that I am returned from my 2 year hiatus, how much I MISSED THIS SHIT!!!

I have enjoyed taking new photos, launching new ads, all that pain in the ass stuff. You know why? That sweet, sweet sound of my hand slapping new pink flesh. Among other things. But mostly that. You know that sound. That meaty, sharp, flinch-inducing noise of a properly aimed SMACK! Wham! The sting in my palm that I know is far outstripped by the needle-like pain now rippling across the ass of my fortunate sub. Watching the hesitant blush start to spread across pale cheeks, growing rosier and warmer with each additional slap. That gasp and clench as each hit lands home.

The feel of the handle in my grip. that lovely braided leather under my palm, looped over my wrist, the almost silent whoosh in the air as I heft it into a classic figure eight swing, the resonant thud of it hitting its target. Every. Time. Then the lighter, more pliable swish s I test the air with a riding crop- old, worn but so reliable. That crack! of leather hitting a tender inside of thigh, back, ass, scrotum.

I’ve been back in play about 3 months now, and I still grin every time I lower my panties slowly and release warm piss all over a groaning bitch, every time i make a man-whore kiss my ass and slap him for daring to lick or try anything beyond the limits I laid out for the stupid slut. I haven’t laughed this much in months… Nothing is funnier then finding more fucked up shit to say to a sub while we role play, except maybe making a toy massage my feet while I drink a glass of wine and use my whip to guide them to the sore spots. No words- just a kinky game of hot and cold.

Today I enjoyed using a TON of rope to bind and subdue a sub who had never spent time in my tender care before. I whipped and lashed him to the point of breaking a sweat, and still he never made a noise. I love a natural born sub- he knew to assume my favored position in between beatings, never made a peep and was readily open to expanding his boundaries. Next time I think I’ll bind him with vet wrap and piss on his face….

With Kinky Thoughts,

Mistress X

A little sploshing

I saw one of My regular toys the other evening. He’s very into sploshing which I do not get to do very often. It can get a bit messy but I have an enjoyable time none the less. Besides, I can get him to eat most of the mess. He also loves feet and humiliation. The more dirty and degrading the better. How delightful! I make him do the most ridiculous things. I’ve covered him in chocolate sauce, trampled and rubbed My feet all over him and made him lick all the chocolate off  My dirty feet. I spit on him, I’ve stuffed him with cupcakes to then make him eat it. The other night I was nice enough to allow him to jerk off onto a piece of cake. Of course I then made him eat it.  Whatever he could’t eat he had to rub on himself. The depravity is endless with him. I know he enjoys every second of the humiliation. I mean how else would he be able to get an attractive woman to pay any attention to him? I do enjoy playing with him. He is very sweet and submissive. I wanted to try jello at one point but realized the food coloring would be a pain in the ass to get off. I think our next session I may try pudding. Smooth and silky to the one it is being rubbed all over. Would glide nicely over the skin.

Mistress Isadora

Foot Fetish

I was recently reminded of why I enjoy foot fetishists so much. He had never seen a Pro Domme before. His email was kind, respectful and honest. Qualities I look for in a potential pet. His main interest was worshiping My feet. I asked if there was anything else he may be interested in exploring. He said he trusted Me and if there was something I enjoy, he was open to trying it. I just love hearing that. Once a pet makes me aware of hard limits and I know their interests, I can think of some creative activities that we would both enjoy.
He arrived dressed for the occasion. He told Me he had actually gotten done work early that day so he was able to shower, shave and get changed. He said he read My website and wanted to present himself at his best. I always prepare Myself for a session and when a slave prepares himself to impress Me and go beyond following directions, it is just a delight from the start. From here we got right to it.
I told him to start by kneeling at My feet, kiss My shoes. I also knew he had a stocking fetish, so of course I had on black lace top thigh high stockings. He asked if he could kiss My legs and I allowed it. I too adore the feeling of stockings on My skin. We spent the next few hours exploring foot fantasies. Did some light bondage,teasing and trampling, even let him lick some chocolate off My feet. Most of our session was spent with him massaging My feet. He was afraid I would get bored with him but quite the contrary. Who would not like a long foot massage? Foot fetishists obviously give fantastic foot massages. We chatted about our similar interests, wine and travel, as he rubbed and kissed My feet. That was definitely a mutually satisfying experience. I told him next time to bring some wine and grapes. I’m already thinking of a foot play scene for our next time together!

Careful, you may get what you wish for.

I had the most delightful session with a new slave. He wanted to leave the entire session up to Me which is something I rather enjoy. He had some experience and of course he read through My site so he knew what he was getting into. It’s refreshing when a slave is articulate and can communicate especially with hard limits, and his were few. Now here to my favorite part, his one request. He requested we start as soon as he walked through the door. No pleasantries just a kick in the balls or a slap in the face. As soon as he said that, you should have seen the smile on my face. This is a rare request from a new slave.
He called when he was outside, on time as I had instructed. I buzzed him in and opened the door. He walked in the studio and I shut the door behind him. I turned around to face him, looked him in the eyes, smiled and slapped him across the face as hard as I could. His look of shock was priceless. It only lasted a moment as I gave him a nice kick in the balls that brought him to his knees. I laughed because nothing brings Me more pleasure than bringing a man to his knees. I gave him a moment to let it all sink in as he lay on the floor. I told him to crawl over and kiss My feet. He did and I said “Be careful what you wish for.” With his head on the ground, I put My foot on the back of his head and gave him further instruction. I told him to strip and hand me his wallet. I took what I wanted, just like I was going to do with him.
The session flowed effortlessly This type of session is great. Total power exchange. I just need to know a slaves hard limits and will guide the journey from there. Now I know this isn’t for everyone, but it’s great when there are no expectations just chemistry. That’s why I do not do scripted scenes. Specific interests are fine just don’t try to dictate every aspect of the scene prior to meeting. I prefer to just flow from one thing to another. Go where ever my perverted mind takes me.
When I noticed our time was up I told him “Get your clothes back on. I am now finished with you for the day.” When he was finished, I instructed him to kneel by the door. I walked over and slapped him across the face. I then grabbed the hair on the back of his head, opened my mouth and let the spit flow onto his face. When I was finished I told him to stand up. I then opened the door and without speaking he knew to quietly walk out. When I shut the door I knew that we both had a mutually satisfying experience.

Kinky thoughts,

Mistress Isadora


Toe sucking, spitting and Roman fun…

Yesterday I had a couple new clients, seems like I get more every week lately… I love getting to do things I don’t normally see in my requests, and I have to admit the non-“normal” fetishes are just delightful. What woman doesn’t love having her ass and legs worshiped by an unworthy male? To be honest, I kind of enjoyed slapping my bitch across his face for having the audacity for trying to touch my cooter. First timers be warned- if your Mistress tells you the rules and that the punishment for breaking those rules is pain you will not like, then don’t break the rules. Even if you do it BECAUSE you want that extra thrill, I’ll figure it out pretty quick and punish you in ways you don’t want. But I also advise if it is your first time that you research exactly what it is you are buying into- Domming does not equal prostitution and just because you are paying me a lot of money, does not mean that you have any rights or expectations other then what I state in my website. I get all the sex I can handle at home thank you very much, and I do not sleep with subs, EVER. So don’t ask- better yet, don’t even THINK it.

Last night I had a delightful appointment with a fun gentleman who has that rare kink of Roman. Now, when Mistress has had too much to drink and needs to pray to the porcelain gods, she does NOT enjoy that. But drinking tons of water and juice and purposefully throwing up on someone appeals to my sense of the absurd mightily. Do I probably look less then attractive doing it? You best your sweet ass. Show me someone who looks good ralphing, and I’ll let you lick my asshole. ;P Besides the just different fun of it all, it really is unique in its own right in the psychological aspects as well as the tactile. Personally, I would never enjoy a B.S., I find the stink and just unhygienic aspect of it ruins any fun for me. I don’t see much difference in Roman from Golden, in that point of view. A bit more uncomfortable to enact, maybe, but it’s warm, wet, and depending on what you eat or drink before hand, less smelly. Would I want to do it every day? No. A girl’s got to factor in the health aspects. But certainly it is something I would love to do again.

Speaking of which… my feet sure could use a good licking and massage after spending a day in corporate America in my business suit and 5″ heels…

Mistress X

Idle thoughts of a Dominatrix….

Sometimes it’s nice to get away, but it’s always nice to come back home. The Bahamas are great, sunny, hot and with a plethora of people to watch and be amused by. Why is it that no matter where you go there are always “those people”? You know, the guy who looks like he’s wearing a hair shirt in the Speedo on the blanket next to you, the fat woman in the tiny bikini, her rolls of fat glistening with tanning oil… the hot girl who spends her time making sure everyone is looking at her and therefore making herself UNATTRACTIVE, and the Jersey Shore rejects strutting the beach, talking in bad New York accents and enough hair gel to style a third-world country. Then there’s me, huddled on my lounger in a white men’s button down shirt under the umbrella, frantically reapplying sunscreen and still getting burned. You know, that girl that as they walk by, everyone wonders what the hell she’s doing on a beach when it’s obvious the sun hates her?

Well, even the albinos of the world need some downtime, peeps. So sunburn and freckles be damned, I am going to read my trashy novels and drink too many mixed drinks and attempt to tan, damn it! I had such a great time in Atlantis, all the water slides and rafting, and the general malaise in the air. Still, I found myself doing what I always do, sizing people up, wondering if the guy who won’t put his Black Berry down and talks self importantly secretly wants to be bound up in duct tape and have someone piss on his face. Or if the skinny business man in the droopy swim trunks and a pot belly whiter then my legs is wishing to be dressed in women’s clothes and forced to submit to S/O worship. And, does that older gentleman with that hot younger woman (and I can’t tell- daughter? wife? Mistress?) is waiting for the sun to go down so he can be tied to a bed and thrashed soundly with a cat o’ nine tails…

This is my secret game. I like to sit out in the real world and wonder what kink random strangers are hiding. Does that lawyer have on women’s undies under that power suit? Is the weird guy in my mailroom a closet leather fetishist? What would my boss look like dress up in a pink maid’s outfit and high heels being chased around my dungeon with a paddle while I accuse him/her of stealing from me in a roleplay? I suppose it’s like any one’s idle thoughts really- probably pretty weird to anoyone who knew, but a small pleasure for me alone to enjoy….

Mistress X