Philadelphia Dominatrix Collective: News: New Site!

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Hi everyone,

Just a quick note to let you all know that we have recently revamped Our website:


We were having some technical difficulty a month ago, but it is now resolved.Stay tuned to the blog for more announcements regarding schedule changes and travel plans of the Philly Dominas!



Philadelphia Dominatrix Collective-Review from JV

(From the Philadelphia  Dominatrix Collective: Reviews Section. Note that anything labeled “Philadelphia Dominatrix Reviews” are actual reviews and testimonials of the Mistresses of the Philly Dominas from our devoted subs)

I recently did 2 double sessions with Mistress Lexx Envy and her sub/Dom partner in evil Lady Orion. I came down all the way from Long Island to Philadelphia to see these seductive beauties. I immediately booked the Second session that very same week because I had such a good time and the second visit was even better. We mostly did ballbusting, tease and denial and foot worship and they executed it with such evil enjoyment and with a professional touch. This was one of the best sessions I have had in the past 7 years of sessions with some top industry dommes. They both are a lot of fun and I was completely comfortable with them and allowed them to try new things and push my boundaries. They have these sexy, cute, wicked smiles, amazing bodies and perfect feet. I can’t wait to drive another 3 hours to Philly for these ladies to bust my balls again soon. It was completely worth it and I’d gladly beg at their feet for another chance to serve them.

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Philadelphia Dominatrix Collective Reviews: Miss X, Domina Lexx & Arianna

(This section of the Blog contains reviews by real subs of the Mistresses of the Philadelphia Dominatrix Collective)

I’ve seen Philadelphia Dominatrix Domina Lexx Envy many times over the years,in New York and Philadelphia, and when she told me about her beautiful new sub girl Arianna being available to top me as well as she was training to switch, I couldn’t resist.
Then she had offered me the chance to be topped by 3 women, well, this was a dream come true! I arrived for the appointment, jittery and nervous for what was to
come next, delight and anticipation warring in my gut. I knocked and the door was opened just enough to admit me without allowing me to preview what I saw next.
Domina Lexx Envy greeted me, her gorgeous hair pulled back in a ponytail, yet curled so it still exploded around Her beautiful face like a flaming red halo. She wore
a tight, low cut black dress that showed off her amazing breasts and tiny waist, cinched in even smaller then I knew it was with a vinyl corset. Her lovely tiny feet were
slipped into a pair of high, high black patent leather heels- they had to be at least 5″ tall, making her legs look like they went on forever. I turned to be introduced to the
other Dommes I knew were waiting. Mistress X and Ariana stood by the restraint table, both looking like Amazon Goddesses. Mistress X wore a bright red, long-
sleeved dress that was zippered all the way up her neck. Even though the dress covered her lush curves, it was so short that as she moved I got tantalizing glimpses of black
lace underwear underneath. Her legs were encased in thigh high fishnet stockings, her feet in a pair of peek-a-boo open toed heels. She gave me her hand to kiss, towering over me
by almost a foot. I stammered out how lovely it was to finally meet her, which she accepted with only a smile and a slight incline of her head. Long black hair, also tied back into
a thick braid that trailed down to her shoulders and brilliant green eyes made her pale skin look even paler. As she stepped back and Ariana was introduced, I felt all nerves going away.
Ariana was just as tall as Mistress X in her high spike heels, red as the lacy bra I could see peeking out from under her short, dark pink, tight dress. Breasts as large as my Domina’s threatened to spill out of her top, full and inviting. Peeks of the thigh high hose she also wore flashed as she walked, and her long brown hair was rich, shiny and thick. Three such
beautiful women, so physically different and yet each one perfect in form. I was in heaven!

They started things by having me bend over the horse, legs spread. Mistress X and Ariana cuffed my hands and feet to it, while I heard the distinctive snap! of latex medical gloves
being put on by my Domina. Ariana walked over to a cabinet and returned a minute later wearing a leather harness and dildo. She lasciviously masturbated it a few times, the walked over to her Domina and awaited instruction. Mistress X came back into view too, also wearing a strap-on; the juxtaposition of phallus and full breasts was deliciously perverted. Domina slapped my ass to bring me to attention, as the other ladies laughed. “Now you slut,” she said, “You will please their strap-ons while I see how loose your mussy is. It’s been a while since I violated you so we’d better make sure you can still take what I will dish out. Understand, whore?”

“Yes Domina” I got out right as she slid a lubricated,gloved finger into my ass. As she worked her fingers in and out, Ariana and Mistress X came to stand on either side of me. They undid my hands, but left the leather cuffs on.  “Stroke my cock, bitch, and make sure you do it good. I want to see how well of a slut you’ve been trained to be.” Mistress X ordered. “And don’t leave Ariana’s cock out in the cold either, you have two hands, whore, so use them!” I began rubbing their strap-ons as I felt Domina Lexx moving behind me. She laughed and slapped me hard again, and said “You can do better then that, you fucking cunt! Use your mouth! Suck on them like they were the dicks of the football players I know you fucked in high school!” She slapped me again, and slipped a third finger into my ass. Mistress X and Ariana laughed and took turns, shoving
their strap-ons deep into my mouth, goading me about my performance and slapping me across the face when I paused. “Let’s see if this little whore can take two in the mouth at once!” laughed Arianna, and they stood side by side, making me lick and suck them both.

“Stand up, bitch!” Ordered my Domina. “I want to watch you suck off Arianna while I have Miss X pound your mussy!” I obeyed at once, and lifted myself up so that Arianna could straddle the horse in front of me. “Ariana, I want to see those big beautiful breasts smother him while he attempts to pleasure your cock.” Ariana obeyed her Goddess, pulling her dress down to her waist, her huge breasts bouncing free from her bra as she undid it and tossed it onto a chair. They were huge, full and perfectly tan with lovely pink nipples. I could tell that she must tan topless, no tan lines ruined the beauty of her amazing chest. She laughed and grabbed my face, crushing me into her breasts so tight I couldn’t  breathe. I found out for myself that her breasts, as huge
and perky as they are, were most definitely real. After a few long seconds, she released me and shoved my face down on her cock as Mistress X circled behind me and shoved her strap-on into my ass.
“This slut’s mussy is nice and ready for me!” she remarked to Domina, who laughed in turn and related in detail her past violations of me. She sashayed across the room to a silver bucket with an opened champagne bottle in it. Pouring a glass for herself and the two other women currently riding me from both ends of me, she detailed my sessions with her. As the other girls giggled and made comments about my performances for my Domina, she lifted my head up off Ariana’s cock and asked me, “You enjoyed every minute of it though, didn’t you, Whore?” “Yes!” I gasped out. SMACK! Domina slapped me across my unworthy mouth and asked, “Yes, what?” “yes DOMINA!!” I said, rewarded with another squeezing of my face between Ariana’s magnificent breasts. “That’s
what I thought you said, slut!” Domina said, casually sipping her champagne… Mistress X and Ariana were both enjoying themselves as they sandwiched me between them, abusing me like the slut my Domina has trained me to be.

Some time later I was reclined on the table on my back, my head and shoulders resting against the wall, my ass hanging off the edge of the table. Ariana, naked except for her panties and strap-on was
now the one violating my ass, pounding me in perfect time to the music playing behind us. Domina Lexx stood off to one side, Mistress X to the other, both wearing strap-ons and taking turns having me please them. All three ladies were sipping from their glasses of champagne as they took turns casually slapping my face and cock, degrading me both verbally and physically.
Mistress X especially was enjoying tormenting me by describing scenarios of homo-erotic domination and cock sucking, pausing only to make me answer if she was right about me being a filthy whore. Her descriptive dialogue and sultry tone made everything she said so vivid, the laughs of my Domina and Arianna completed my humiliation. Finally my Domina ordered me to lay on my back on the floor, and told me that I had been a very good slut indeed. She allowed me to finally touch and release myself as she straddled me and pulled her underwear aside gracefully and Miss X did the same. The skill of the Mistresses was such that even as they released their hot wet streams all over me, I caught only a glimpse of their beautiful asses…  Hot wetness covered me and laughter echoed in my ears as my Domina allowed me to finish, a final slap ending what had been the evening of my life!



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Introducing Philadelphia’s Newest Dominatrix

Lady M!  Okay, okay, okay….this is somewhat sort of  old news.

We’ve all been so busy between our “nilla careers, family, travel, life (and of course violating you little bitches) that announcements have slipped our minds for a bit.

So, yes, Lady M has been on her own for several months now and is loving “The Domme Life”. After eight months of intensive training under the hands and guidance of Mistress Reese and Domina Lexx, she is conducting scenes on her own. As well as doubles and triples. Contact her directly if you are interested in serving this beautiful and talented Mistress!

Oh and in case you haven’t heard, we have a new playspace.Soon to be two lovely rooms in a convenient and safe part of Philadelphia.



The Philly Dominas