Mistresses of Philly and the Internet Stalker

This post has been a long time coming. It is an unfortunate situation but it needs to be brought into the open. There is a very disturbed individual that has been harassing Mistresses of the Philadelphia area online for years. We will not mention names in this  as we lack consent from the other Mistresses and value their discretion, but ourselves and numerous other Mistress friends and colleagues in the area have been harassed. Yes, numerous and the number keeps rising. And sadly this is nothing new. One of the Mistresses have been on the receiving end of this person’s wrath for the past eight years. A couple of Mistresses have even felt the need to quit for fear of safety and to get their peace of mind back. I myself no longer advertise publicly. (My regulars know that I am still around and session and of course still part of the Philly Domina Collective. 😉 )  It isn’t so much just basic harassment and trolling as it is actually  full blown cyber stalking. This person has created numerous fake social media accounts to vex all of us,  posted false negative defamatory “reviews”  and have even harassed family members and threatened vanilla jobs. And yes, cyber stalking is a felony. And it has gotten to a point where even the FBI got involved.
I am writing  this to let all of  you know that if you see anything anomalous or bizarre online that it is this person, so  pay no attention to the troll. It is really sad that this individual has nothing better to do with his time. It is even more pathetic that he feels the need to consistently try to torment all of Us because of his contempt and  insecurities with strong, dominant,powerful  women. Obviously we are even more powerful than we thought. His insecurities consume him. Sad it is on his part, but we prevail. So again, pay no mind to the troll. If the law doesn’t bite him in the ass soon then maybe that bridge he lives under will finally collapse. In the mean time, We will all keep being Us,living and loving life  and doing what We are best at!
The Philly Dominas

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