Pride, Prejudice and Pain Sluts

During the course of training our lovely new apprentice, Lady M, it’s been fun to not only show her the how’s and why’s, but also explaining the hidden aspects of our line of work. Last night for example, in getting her website taken care of- the text of a website tells you a lot about the Domme you are interested in. Is her grammar and spelling correct? Is it descriptive without sounding egotistical? Do her interests line up with yours? Are her photos flattering, and does it really portray the person you end up seeing?

Nothing is worse then a site with these errors. Not everyone can breeze through with a 4.0 in their English courses, but spell check or a site designer can easily fix these flaws.

We also got into the whole aspect of telephone sessions, which are not only fun but are a great way to session with clients that can’t afford the tribute of a regular, in the flesh one. I have spent several very memorable evenings enjoying a glass of wine and describing how I’m making my phone whore suck my toes, or ordering him to take a belt and crack his ass with it so I can hear it over the line. Sometimes a descriptive conversation about the slippery feel of my latex catsuit against my flesh, or how I’ll chain him to my wall and pour hot wax all over his balls, can be a great way to encourage a visit for the real deal.

Explaining tribute is also enlightening- while it seems subs are offering a lot for a short period of time, the costs to a Domme behind the scenes does demand it. A hour session should be totally fulfilling for both, but there’s also the demands on your Mistress’s time. You may play from 6-7, but she’s got to travel to the play space, make sure she’s dressed and made up to fulfill the fantasy you are looking for, and let’s be honest- fetish clothing is not cheap. What is only an hour for you, is more like 3 for her… And the rent of play space, photos, and advertising- as well as the aforementioned website? It adds up, my friend.

Propriety and hygiene on a slave’s part is also important. Nothing is worse then a sub with swamp ass. Bitch, I took time to look and smell good, the least you can do is spend 5 minutes with some soap and a wash cloth to freshen up the downtown. Cleaning the mussy is also key. If you get shit on my carpet, I’ll make you clean it with your tongue. Toys, cleaning products, puppy pads, even plastic liners for messy play like GS or sploshing add up. God I love throwing food at a slave… Pudding makes the most hilarious sound as it splats a face.

I once had a noob who had never seen a Domme or had any experience in BDSM. We went over the rules, tried several kinks and when I got out my strap on and started making him suck it, he took that as invitation to try and stick his fingers in my lady bits. I have never had to slap someone so hard without it being agreed on beforehand. He looked extremely surprised and I told him very sternly that we had discussed that I was not a hooker with a whip and what he was and wasn’t allowed before we got started. His response of “But I paid you more then I paid the call girl I saw last night” was laughed at and I informed him if he was looking for that, he’d be better off buying the toys and paying the call girl instead of expecting anything like that from a respectable Domme. What a dumb fuck.

Slaves- be warned. Why I may cuckold you or tease you by waving my pantied, luscious and firm ass in your face, if you EVER think it’s alright to touch my magnificent pussy, you got another thing coming.

With kinky thoughts,

Mistress X


Whip It… Whip It Good…

I am often reminded, now that I am returned from my 2 year hiatus, how much I MISSED THIS SHIT!!!

I have enjoyed taking new photos, launching new ads, all that pain in the ass stuff. You know why? That sweet, sweet sound of my hand slapping new pink flesh. Among other things. But mostly that. You know that sound. That meaty, sharp, flinch-inducing noise of a properly aimed SMACK! Wham! The sting in my palm that I know is far outstripped by the needle-like pain now rippling across the ass of my fortunate sub. Watching the hesitant blush start to spread across pale cheeks, growing rosier and warmer with each additional slap. That gasp and clench as each hit lands home.

The feel of the handle in my grip. that lovely braided leather under my palm, looped over my wrist, the almost silent whoosh in the air as I heft it into a classic figure eight swing, the resonant thud of it hitting its target. Every. Time. Then the lighter, more pliable swish s I test the air with a riding crop- old, worn but so reliable. That crack! of leather hitting a tender inside of thigh, back, ass, scrotum.

I’ve been back in play about 3 months now, and I still grin every time I lower my panties slowly and release warm piss all over a groaning bitch, every time i make a man-whore kiss my ass and slap him for daring to lick or try anything beyond the limits I laid out for the stupid slut. I haven’t laughed this much in months… Nothing is funnier then finding more fucked up shit to say to a sub while we role play, except maybe making a toy massage my feet while I drink a glass of wine and use my whip to guide them to the sore spots. No words- just a kinky game of hot and cold.

Today I enjoyed using a TON of rope to bind and subdue a sub who had never spent time in my tender care before. I whipped and lashed him to the point of breaking a sweat, and still he never made a noise. I love a natural born sub- he knew to assume my favored position in between beatings, never made a peep and was readily open to expanding his boundaries. Next time I think I’ll bind him with vet wrap and piss on his face….

With Kinky Thoughts,

Mistress X