Toe sucking, spitting and Roman fun…

Yesterday I had a couple new clients, seems like I get more every week lately… I love getting to do things I don’t normally see in my requests, and I have to admit the non-“normal” fetishes are just delightful. What woman doesn’t love having her ass and legs worshiped by an unworthy male? To be honest, I kind of enjoyed slapping my bitch across his face for having the audacity for trying to touch my cooter. First timers be warned- if your Mistress tells you the rules and that the punishment for breaking those rules is pain you will not like, then don’t break the rules. Even if you do it BECAUSE you want that extra thrill, I’ll figure it out pretty quick and punish you in ways you don’t want. But I also advise if it is your first time that you research exactly what it is you are buying into- Domming does not equal prostitution and just because you are paying me a lot of money, does not mean that you have any rights or expectations other then what I state in my website. I get all the sex I can handle at home thank you very much, and I do not sleep with subs, EVER. So don’t ask- better yet, don’t even THINK it.

Last night I had a delightful appointment with a fun gentleman who has that rare kink of Roman. Now, when Mistress has had too much to drink and needs to pray to the porcelain gods, she does NOT enjoy that. But drinking tons of water and juice and purposefully throwing up on someone appeals to my sense of the absurd mightily. Do I probably look less then attractive doing it? You best your sweet ass. Show me someone who looks good ralphing, and I’ll let you lick my asshole. ;P Besides the just different fun of it all, it really is unique in its own right in the psychological aspects as well as the tactile. Personally, I would never enjoy a B.S., I find the stink and just unhygienic aspect of it ruins any fun for me. I don’t see much difference in Roman from Golden, in that point of view. A bit more uncomfortable to enact, maybe, but it’s warm, wet, and depending on what you eat or drink before hand, less smelly. Would I want to do it every day? No. A girl’s got to factor in the health aspects. But certainly it is something I would love to do again.

Speaking of which… my feet sure could use a good licking and massage after spending a day in corporate America in my business suit and 5″ heels…

Mistress X


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